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re: App: Alexgtwo

The application submitted by Alexgtwo is as follows:

What is the character name you are applying with?:

What is your current or most recent guild?:

What Spec and class is your character?:
Retribution Paladin

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?:
3-4 years

What Raiding experience do you have?:
I have do lfr, and did DS on normal mode.

Can you make it to 60% of raids/instances:

Are you older than 18:
No, I'm 15.

Anything you would like to add?:
I want to join this guild so that I may participate in current raids and to have fun with guild memebers in doing so. I do not complain or beg. My gear level is 389. I would also, if allowed, like to run old dungeons and raids with guild members. My schedule is differnet at parts of the year due to my parents divorce, so during school, I'm on mostly on the weekends, and during breaks, I am on almost all the time. I want to say that just in case if you guys would be wondering my odd times to get on during the year (My availability that I had selected below is my availability when I'm at my main parents house). I'm willing to help any guild member. I hope you accept my application, Thank you, and have a nice day/evening.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> 3x a Month
Monday -> Never
Tuesday -> 2x a Month
Wednesday -> Never
Thursday -> 3x a Month
Friday -> 3x a Month
Saturday -> 3x a Month
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