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re: Self Help

A compendium of helpful resources for newer players. Any suggestions for resources that should be added/edited are welcome.

Class/Spec Guides & Blogs
- 1. Death Knight
- 2. Druid
- 3. Hunter
- 4. Mage
- 5. Paladin
- 6. Priest
- 7. Rogue
- 8. Shaman
- 9. Warlock
- 10. Warrior

0. General

General Raiding/Healing (Forum)

1. Death Knight

Ensidia's DPS guide

Ensidia's DK discussion page

Paragon's DK discussion page - highly recommended

Kailee’s multi spec thread.

Consider’s EJ unholy guide

Darkside’s EJ frost guide

Soliantgreen’s EJ blood guide. This one may be out of date, anyone have suggestions for alternative?

Suno's EJ Tank Thread - "Find posts by Riggins, and read them. Then read them for a second time. He, unlike 95% of the other posters, backs up what he says with logs and experience in all hard modes. This is a good person to follow and model after. "

Tank guide by Insolence on the Ensidia website

Death Knight Blogs

Consider's Blog

Death Knight Tank Blog

2. Druid

Elitist Jerk balance think tank

Wisprunner’;s balance thread

Lissanna’s resto guide

Wildhoof’s beginner feral DPS thread

Thatgrimguy/Ri’s feral tank thread

Druid Blogs

Balance Druid Blogs

Druid Restoration & Moonkin Blog

Druid Restoration Blogs

3. Hunter

Hunter Tools

Qayin’s beast mastery thread

Zeherah's Marksmanship guide:

Xumio’s survival thread

4. Mage

Samae’s arcane thread

Zaldinar’s Frostfirebolt thread

Magechick’s frost guide

Mage blogs, guides, podcasts, and forum

5. Paladins

Arikah’s retribution guide

Kaniget’s holy thread

Xayton’s protection thread

Maintankadin protection Guides

Paladin Blogs

Paladin Holy Blogs

Paladin Tank Blogs

6. Priest

Aliena’s holy guide

Aliena’s discipline guide

Mearis’ shadow guide

Priest Blogs

Priest Shadow Blog
7. Rogue

Adrine’s hit rating thread

Fettucini’s assassination thread

Theownt’s combat thread

8. Shaman

Elam’s enhancement thread

Retherok’s elemental thread>

Elitist Jerk restoration guide

Rednaxela’s restoration thread

Shaman Blogs

Shaman Restoration Blog

Shaman Elemental Blogs

Shaman Forum

9. Warlock

The Warlock's Den (spells, talents, and DPS) (stats, instruction, etc)

Esson’s multi spec thread

Warlocomotif’s demonology guide

Namnalia’s affliction guide

10. Warrior

Gfurious’ arms thread

Krausen’s fury thread

Jabali’s new warrior protection thread

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re: Re: Self Help

This list is outdated and needs to either be rebuilt or updated in places. A lot of the links, especially the Priest ones are related to 3.3.2 content.
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