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re: App: Shizlbizl

The application submitted by Shizlbizl is as follows:

What is the character name you are applying with?:

What is your current or most recent guild?:
I use to raid with Bedlam on Horde side.

What Spec and class is your character?:

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?:
Since vanilla and still very much involved.

Are you interested in helping a guild progress, and grow?:
Of course. I am very big on respect, helping guildies, improving myself to help us perform...just being with good people. Happy

What Raiding experience do you have?:
Been out of the raid scene for a year now. Raided all the vanilla instances. Only thing these days I haven't done all of are Ulduar and ICC.

Can you make it to 60% of raids/instances:
Sure can Happy I have a job but I only close once a week which is 9pm. I get done with work the rest of the week 5-6pm

If applicable what is your dps rotation?:
Arcane Blast x 4 Arcane Missiles

Are you older than 18:
Yep I'm 24

Anything you would like to add?:
I been living with my boyfriend for 6 years now who also enjoys wow :D I work at Macy's in Rochester, MN selling shoes. I enjoy walking/jogging when its beautiful outside. The love of my life's name is Stubby who is my cat with a very teeny tail.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> 3x a Month
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> 3x a Month
Thursday -> 3x a Month
Friday -> 3x a Month
Saturday -> 3x a Month
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