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re: ULDUAR-The Assembly of Iron (Boss 5-The Antechamber of Uldua

Phase 1: All three alive

Players can choose to kill the trio in any order that they wish, though the popular and easiest route is Steelbreaker, then Molgeim, then Brundir.

Just like Maulgar, Illidari Council, Karathress, etc. all of these bosses have to be pulled and tanked away from each other in precise positions. Molgeim and Steelbreaker can be tanked in the two front corners of the room, but Brundir must be tanked towards the back for his Overload which will kill anyone that is not a tank. (though the tank should move away as well then move right back in when the channeled cast is over) Any casters and the tank on Stormcaller Brundir that can interrupt should be interrupting chain lightnings whenever possible.

Molgeim will often put a rune of power underneath either Steelbreaker or Brundir so they must be pulled out of the rune far enough to where they're no longer benefiting from the buff and melee or ranged players can bunch up in this rune and output higher damage upon the primary target.

Steelbreaker on occassion will deal a Fusion Punch which the tank must call out for focused healing and a magic dispel of the nature debuff that is inflicted from the punch. Use either a Paladin's Cleanse or a Priest's Dispel Magic. If you are killing Steelbreaker first, melee must bunch up to benefit from Circle of Healing and Chain Healing used to counter the nature aura damage.

Phase 2: One Boss Dead

When one of the Iron Council dies, the other two will gain additional abilities. For the most part, they will be tanked in the same general areas but these new abilities will compensate for the dead boss.

Molgeim now has a Rune of Death, which will be cast on a random raid member. It is a big, green rune that is impossible to visually miss. Melee and ranged must bunch up and be ready to move in the same general path to avoid confusion, splitting up, and getting out of range of heals.

Brundir will gain Lightning Whirl, which animates like whirlwind and will shoot random lightning bolts at raid members which will deal a large amount of nature damage to random raid members. Simply heal through it. It has been reported that this ability can be interrupted.

Phase 3: Two bosses dead

When two of the three bosses are dead, the last one will separate into a unique phase different from their usual abilities in the previous phases. Players must be alert during this phase because elements are introduced that will almost instantly wipe the group if they don't coordinate around them.


* To be announced...

Runemaster Molgeim

Note: This strategy is theory based on spell descriptions and limited testing. It needs to be confirmed.

Molgeim will open up a rune of summoning which will spawn lightning elemental adds which will explode for a high amount of damage to anyone within 30 yards when they reach their aggro target. Assuming they are not tauntable and cannot switch targets from aggro, Molgeim must be brought to the opposite side of the room from the rune so that the elemental adds that will spawn from it have to walk a long path towards their target. If someone doesn't know they're being targeted, they have to be alerted and they must move away from the group and to a corner of the room that is 30 yards away from everyone else. Ranged players should kill the elemental, but if they are not able to and the target's at a safe distance only they will take the high damage from the explosion.
Stormcaller Brundir

Brundir will lift up into the air and gain Lightning Tendrils. Anybody within a 10 yd range of Brundir will get hit by these tendrils for high nature damage; standing near him for more than a couple seconds will prove fatal if you are not a tank. He is tauntable, but will clear aggro every time he lifts up into the air. The three tanks can work out a rotation to keep him in the same area of the room while ranged players nuke him down. Occasionally he will fall to the ground and melee can move in to attack, but he will lift again without warning and hit them with his tendrils.

Spell Information
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