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All guild raids will be run by Officer or Raid Leader who has agreed to follow these rules for loot distribution.

1. At the beginning of the raid, either the Raid Leader or an Officer will be designated the "Master Looter"

2. Definitions of gear sets and possible uses:
a. Main Spec Gear - Worn in raids the majority of the time, the "main set".
b. Off-Spec Gear - Worn in raids a minority of the time, an alernate set that gets used fairly often, such as a feral druid or prot pally's off-healing gear.
c. Resist Sets - Distributed at the discretion of Raid Leader and Officers, with priority typically given to tanks and healers.
d. Other Gear - Never worn in raids with the current spec, such as PvP gear, or a set for a "potential future respec"; a set that may be used someday.

3. Definitions of participants in the raid:
a. Main - a "main" character designated by the player to be used in guild raids.
b. Alternate - a "supporting" character in the raid, this could be a main's "alt", a or player not yet at Raider rank.

4. When an epic item drops, the Master Looter will distribute the loot to the raider with the highest EP, with priority based on this list.. a "tie" at a priority level will result in a /roll between the tied players, high roll gets the loot item.

Priority 1 - Primary Gear for a Main
Priority 2 - Primary Gear for an Alternate
Priority 3 - Secondary Gear for All
Priority 4 - Other Gear for any purpose (other than vendor gold)
Priority 5 - Disenchant
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