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re: ULDUAR-Razorscale (Boss 3-The Siege of Ulduar)

This boss fight consists of both an air phase and a ground phase. Talking to the Expedition Commander will begin the event with Razorscale in her air phase.
The air phase consists of defending the Expedition dwarves while they repair the harpoon turrets. During this phase, the focus should be on defeating adds, and staying out of Devouring Flame. DPS on the boss is possible during this phase but only serves to shorten the boss fight slightly, and only if you can spare a DPS member or two. As the turrets get repaired one at a time, they can be clicked to fire a harpoon at Razorscale. Once all four turrets have been repaired and fired, Razorscale will be forced to the ground where she will remain stunned for several seconds, during which time DPS should focus on bringing her HP down as much as possible. After the stun wears off, Razorscale will return to the air and begin the air phase again.
Once Razorscale is brought to 50% health, she will land permanently, at which point she will need to be tanked facing away from the group to avoid breaths. The fight from this point is very simple, she will continue using Devouring Flame, she will do a knock back to everyone within 35 yards, and inflict the Flame Buffet debuff. During this ground phase, the DPS should go all out in order to defeat Razorscale before the Flame Buffet debuffs cause the tank to be one-shot.

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