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re: ULDUAR-Flame Leviathan (Boss 1-The Siege of Ulduar)

A good pre-fight idea is to establish a kiting path and make sure that the Choppers keep tar down on that path at all times.
When the encounter begins, Flame Leviathan will target a random siege engine or demolisher and must be kited around the area. He will steadily speed up as time goes on so it will become harder to stay away from his battering ram. After 30 seconds, Flame Leviathan will target another vehicle and chase it instead. Siege Engine(s) that are not kiting can follow up on its tail and should immediately interrupt Flame Jets using Electroshock. Siege Engines can also use the melee Ram ability between Jets, but should be prepared to turn and kite as soon as, if not slightly before, the target switch. Use Steam Rush as necessary to gain extra ground as needed.
Passengers of siege engines must shoot incoming pyrite ammo hovering in the air. When none are available to destroy, they can focus on Flame Leviathan with a ranged cannon.
Demolishers must stay at a large distance from Flame Leviathan at all times, be ready to begin kiting should you become the target, and otherwise you should DPS the boss using Hurl Boulder (Hurl Pyrite Barrel should be saved for stuns). If you do become a kiting target, be sure to choose a path that won't get other people hit. Once a passenger has loaded themselves into the catapult, Demolisher drivers should launch them onto the Leviathan as quickly as possible. Be careful not to miss or that passenger may eat a Flame Jet and die. When Overload Circuit is activated and Flame Leviathan becomes stunned, use Hurl Pyrite Barrel as often as possible for massive damage.
A single damage dealer and healer should be loaded into the Demolisher catapult and launched to the back of the Leviathan as soon as the previous stun wears off. Once on the back of the boss, they will be facing one of 4 turrets. Once the turret is killed a button will appear that will, after a 10-second channel, stun the boss, increase it's damage taken by 50%, and reset his speed. The players on the back of the tank will be launched off and parachuted down and should be picked up by a chopper as soon as possible and brought back to a Demolisher. Timing should be exercised in order to ensure that Flame Leviathan gets stunned while on a Tar area.
Remaining Demolisher passengers should work on picking up downed pyrite ammunition and loading it up into the Demolisher.
Choppers should move around quickly and plant oil slicks on the ground in Flame Leviathan's path to slow him down and deal extra damage (if ignited). The longer you go without causing the stun, the more diligent Chopper drivers need to be about keeping tar down in the boss's path. Choppers should also be ready to rush in and pick up stray players that are launched off Leviathan's back or were fired incorrectly by the Demolisher driver. If no one is in need of picking up and tar is on cooldown, use Sonic Horn for extra damage.

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