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re: Guild Rules

Who is Nergles?


“As Nergles we strive to create a fun and unique atmosphere where we can be successful and achieve our goals.”

Who is Nergles?

As a guild we are looking to help each other progress to lvl 90, and into raiding. We strive to help build others to become better raiders and players.

Nergles is an adult guild. Therefore, we ask that only people age 18 and older apply. Thank you.

Guild Ranks

When a player requires something from the Officer ranks, they must contact the appropriate person. The roles are defined below and then a list of the members of that role:

Nergles Officers:
GM - Jesslyn
Officers - Palidd

Adept Rank
Adepts's are used as assistant officers. They answer and work for the Officers. This rank does take commitment, and knowledge. Players who obtain this rank are required to show a positive influence not just to guild members, but to the server as well. We will have a set number of leader positions proportionate to the amount of guild members we currently have.


Alts & Family
Any Raider member of the guild is allowed to bring in their alts. However, keep in mind they are not raiders and therefore will not get to come on raids unless there is a specific need.


All Nergles members should respect all players. That does not mean you have to like them but you should at the least be civil. You can have fun, but when you start upsetting people with your "fun" then you should reconsider your definition of fun.

Raiding Attitude
As this is a raiding guild you are asked to also conduct yourself in an Adult manner during raid time. Raiding is fun but also takes discipline and listening skills. During Raid time you are in the Hands of the Raid Leaders and should do what you are asked by them as long as you are Raiding under the guild title of Nergles. Any issue with other players should be left to whispers and not over voice. If an issue arises that can not be handled between players contact an officer and they will handle it after the raid.

No Drama!
This is a game and is meant to be fun and enjoyable for all. We ask that you do not "rock the boat" and ruin the game for other players. We understand that issues arise and they will be handle to the best of are power, but if issues always seem to come up with only "you" then you might be asked to leave. Some people create drama...don't be one of them.

Raider Accountability
It is our expectation that raiders come prepared to raids. This means raiders must be on time, repaired, and with enough potions, elixirs/flasks, band aids, and buffing foods.
All Raiders must use the following mods:

- Deadly Boss Mods
- Ora2
- Ventrilo

Extended AFK
If you miss 3 weeks straight of raids you will be demoted to Member. You can reapply for raider status. If approved, during your first 2 weeks back as raider you will not be eligible to roll for loot. You will be eligible to roll again after you are present for 70% of the raids in the following 2 weeks.

Raider Membership

To become a raider in Nergles you must
1. Be a guild member for at least two consecutive weeks
2. Have done at least 3 raids/instances with 1 or more of the guilds officers
3. Meet the minimum gear requirements for the progression content
4. Show that you are a beneficial member to the guild be on time be helpful and be able to take criticism well.

If when u do not meet some of these requirements you will be told what to improve ones these improvements have been completed you will be looked at again. We are here to help each other get better and work together to better ourselves!


Every raider who is on time to the raid will receive a EP point. This point is awarded at raid start. You also get 1 point at the end of the raid (for good attendance for the night). If you leave early (for a non excused reason) you will not get the extra ep point. People who go AFK for extended periods may be removed from the raid and therefore you don't get the extra point. When an item drops the player with the highest EP Points will win the loot. At this point, his/her points are reset to 0.

The Raider Rank always has rights to loot over all lower ranks.

If multiple players who are at the same points wish to get the item, the will /random (roll) and the winner will receive the item and have their points reset.

If an item drops that no players need for their Raid Spec, then players may opt to roll for the item at no points required. This option is not available to players if the Class Lead determines that the item is an upgrade or side-grade for the player. The idea here is that DPS classes can get healing gear for free if none of the healers need it and so forth.

These EP points are lost when the player leaves the guild (for whatever reason) so think before gquiting!

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