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re: App: Feathriin

The application submitted by Feathriin is as follows:

What is the character name you are applying with?:

What is your current or most recent guild?:

What Spec and class is your character?:
Fury hunter

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?:
4 years

Are you interested in helping a guild progress, and grow?:
No, I want to be carried and ninja phat lootz

What Raiding experience do you have?:
What's a raid?

Can you make it to 60% of raids/instances:
Once I learn to read a calendar, I'll let you know

If applicable what is your dps rotation?:
6,9,6,9 *paint nails* 6,9,6,9,6,9

if applicable what is your tanking attack rotation?:

Are you older than 18:
I'm 5, big whoop; wanna fight about it?

Anything you would like to add?:
I'm busy with school because I'm a genius with straight A's, so I might not make raids. When I can make them, I demand Cel and Mag form together to simultaneously carry me in not only DPS, but also heals. Also, I would like to be called "The Beast," if not, at least call me "The Super Mega Awesome to the Max Child Genuis Who is also a Wonderful Person and Totally Skilled." If these demands are not met, I will ninja all the phat lootz from the guild bank, go mad with power and sacrifice the rogue. But I think my demands are reasonable so.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Never
Monday -> Never
Tuesday -> Never
Wednesday -> Never
Thursday -> Never
Friday -> Never
Saturday -> Never
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