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re: Cata Heroics and Raid Tips

So, you are level 85 and want to do heroics and raids. here is some tips to get you going and hopefully some kills for DPS tanking and healing. I have tanked all the heroics already and these tips are the things i see that go bad in the runs i have done.


1: Single target. never ever aoe unless there is a lot of non elites. For one you risk breaking the cc and two everyone is in blues right now. so the faster you get stuff down the better off your group is going to be. Ex: it takes 2min to kill a trash pull. what way would result in less dmg to the group. aoeing and everything dies in those 2 min or single targeting and 1 unit dies in 20sec the 2ed dies in 40sec ect. right now its all about single targeting them 1 at a time, less damage taken= less chance to wipe.

2. CC- if you have a CC use it. the less trash that is on your tank at once means a better chance to not wipe.

3. don't stand in stuff- duh right but i have seen a lot of peeps do this. if your takeing damage and you don't have aggro of something moveeeeeeeeee. if you don't your gonna burn the mana of your healer fast and that is going to lead to a wipe.


1. don't try to keep everyone at full health- it can't be done. right now with the gear we got we simply don't have the mana or mp5 to keep everyone at 100%. keeping the dps at around 60%-70% will work. the only time you should worry about topping off the dps is if the tank is not taking a ton of damage to where you have time to heal them up.

2. don't spam your high healing spells unless you have to- They simply cost way to much to sit there and spam them. every class should have a slow cast spell that heals for like 7k. shamans have healing wave, priests heal, druids healing touch(i think). the only time you should throw in one of those fast cast heal spells is when the tank is below 50% and if a dps or you are at 20%.


1. use your cd's. this is the same for everyone too if your tanking damage use a cd to make you take less damage. less damage= more mana for healers. i dont know about all classes but i know dks have a ton of cd's that are on low downtime.

can't think of much more for a tank but hold arggo. overall in heroics and raids right now everyone your going to be using a lot of spells you have never had to use before. between cc's and interrupts. the best thing to do right now is run with the guild as much as you can, much easier to work together with your guild then a pug.
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